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We grow and produce top quality specialty grains, flours, and baked goods right here in Montana.

Come enjoy our homemade soups, fresh deli sandwiches, and our friendly staff.

Homemade Just for You

Wheat Montana Missoula on Reserve Street serves breakfast and lunch menu item daily from 6 am until 6 pm 

Our pastries are fresh baked every morning, our soups are freshly made and all our healthy sandwiches use Wheat Montana bread.

We have loaves of Wheat Montana's bread and many huckleberry retail items for sale in our store.  Large selection of bulk flour and cereal products. We pride ourselves on Freshness.

Questions? Feel free to call us at 406-327-0900. We do call-ahead orders, special orders, groups and catering for large groups

Pickup In-Store, or Curbside

Fresh Pastery

Items Daily

Our dedicated bakers Jaden and assistant Danni bake fresh items each morning beginning at 4 am 

We Make Homemade Soups Every Day!

Our soups are fresh daily, serving Chicken Noodle, Potato Bacon, Beef Barley, Tomato Basil and PLUS 3-4 other specialty Soups every day! Stop in to see our selection or give us a call. 406.327.0900

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2520 S 3rd St

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TEL : (406) 327-0900


Mon - Sun 6am - 6pm

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